About us

IMPERIAL International Trading Est is a wholly Saudi owned company headquartered in the city of Al-Jubail. The company was formed with the express intention to serve the needs of Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Steel Plants industry. We integrate our operations / support services for our clients benefit, milestone and project accomplishment. We share knowledge, resources and services throughout our organization. We also understand that our associates are the key to our success. We value the knowledge and the capabilities that they bring us. We are able to add value to our products and our customer’s processes through their hard work and commitment.


cisco catalyst switches -rak-mount-networking-accessories

Networking Equipment’s

We partner with the world’s leading technology manufacturers enable us to identify important trends and technologies Learn more...

safety shoes-Safety Helmets-Safety Glasses-Working Gloves-Rubber Boots-Ear Defenders-Safety Clothes-Coverall-Safety Belts-Ear Plugs-Face Shields-Welding Goggles-Dust Mask-Cotton Gloves-Harness and Lanyards-Smoke Detectors

Safety Items

We supply safety products for all industries include Safety Shoes, Safety Helmets, Safety Glasses, Working Gloves, Rubber Boots Learn more...

cctv-cameras-encoders-hd id cards-access controls-microwave-barriers-road-blocker-spare parts-metal-detector

Security Items

We have been supplying all sorts of security items from a number of reputed manufacturers in the world. including,CCTV Cameras, Encoders  Learn more...

contactors-switches-breakers-relays-time delay relays-transformers-voltage regulators-distribution boards-insulators-lightning arrestors-power cable-sockets-fuses-rigid and gi conduits-pvc conduits-flexible conduits-cable legs-extension cords-extension drums-ballasts-halogen lamps-sodium lamps-fluorescent fixtures-projection lamps-mercury vapor lamps-miniature lamps-dimmers-industrial warehouse bay fixtures-explosion proof fixtures-emergency lightings-dc lamps-measuring instruments-insulation testers-photocell sensors-insulation tapes-wiring accessories-ac-dc motors-industrial fans-control circuits.

Electrical Items

We are committed to providing you with quality and competitively priced electrical products from world's best manufactures  Learn more...

pipes & tubs: pipes-tubes & spools-carbon steel-stainless steel-alloy steel-low carbon-fibre basalt (equivalent & better than / to frp)-ductile iron as per national & international standards. gasket-packing-seals-hanger & supports & bolts fasteners-testing equipment’s-adhesives and insulations-flange adaptor-coupling-dismantling join-pipe / tapping saddle-repair clamp-bellows & expansion joints-et

Piping Materials

Piping Materials has always been at the forefront of the industry due to the company’s determination to supply its customer Learn more...

needle-angle-manifold-gauge and hand valves in 3000-6000-10000-15000-20000 psi-in carbon steel-stainless steel-alloy steel-etc & nace certificated. electric & pneumatic actuator-headstock-bevel gear (box) chain wheel-surface box (street cover)-extension spindle and other accessories.   gate-globe-check (swing titling disc & float type) of non-return-ball-butterfly-knife-gate valves-air valves-needle tailor made as per customer’s requirement in various materials of construction such as carbon steel-stainless steel-low carbon-non – ferrous materials (such as brass / bronze / gunmetal-etc) ductile iron as per nationals & international standards

Valves & Spares

Imperial International Trading Est takes pride in being a technology leader with a strong customer focus. we have forged strong Learn more...

fittings: elbow-tee-reducer-coupling (half and full) weldolet-sockolet-threadolet-union-cross-subnets-bushings-plugs-nipple and sewage nipple – in butt – weld / bevel and-socket weld / screwed type in various material of construction such as carbon steel-stainless steel-alloy steel-low carbon-non ferrous and special materials-fiber basalt (equivalent & better than / to frp)-ductile iron as per national & international standards.   flanges: slip-on-weld neck-socket weld-blind (includes spectacle blind)-lap joint-tongue and grove type-orifice in various material of construction such as carbon steel-stainless steel-alloy steel-low carbon steel-non – ferrous and special materials-fiber basalt (equivalent and better than / to frp)-ductile iron as per nationals & international standards.

Fittings & Flanges

Imperial International Trading Est Supply a complete line of fittings, flanges and related items available include Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Learn more...

compressors: air compressors used in various petrochemical-chemical-refinery and other processing industries. also-use for water and sewage industries. we also offer solution for the problems related to compressed air-our principal are pioneer in this area.   heat exchanger-boiler & pressure vessels: we have experts and specialized in this area. they are capable of manufacturing these equipment’s as per the customer's requirement fulfilling and complying all national & international standards.

Industrials Equipment’s

We supply thousands of Industrials Equipment’s products include Pumps: Industrial pumps used for Petrochemical, Oil, Refinery and  Learn more...


Our sales and support staff are highly experienced in their respective fields and provides right products and solution to the costumers 


Imperial Internationl Trading Est
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